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Different Types Of Vacuum Trucks Available in 2022

Used to transport various types of wastes, vacuum trucks play a vital role in maintaining the sanitation of the environment. To the untrained eye, they all look the same, have the same purpose, and operate the same, but that just isn’t the truth.

So, if you suddenly find yourself needing the services of a vacuum truck or just trying to edify yourself, here is a list of the different types of vacuum trucks:

Liquid Vacuum Trucks

The most popular of the bunch, the liquid vacuum truck, pumps hazardous and toxic liquid waste. This type of vacuum truck is the go-to for effectively pumping liquids from septic tanks, catch basins, oil/water separators, oil spills, and various other settings. Liquid vacuum trucks are often utilized in an extensive range of industrial and commercial applications to pump liquids. 

Combination Vacuum Trucks

As the name states, this type of hybrid vacuum truck pumps a mixture of wet and dry waste. They operate by harnessing a hydrostatic drive for power. A combination truck can alternate between dry and wet systems, fostering a significant amount of versatility. These multifunctional trucks are the ideal choice for the removal of damp materials. Usage applications can include storm drains, settling ponds, catch basins, drainage ditches, and sewer lines. 

Industrial Vacuum Loaders 

Industrial vacuum loaders are best suited for applications with a high volume of ash or debris. Their unique filtration system and displacement blowers make them an excellent choice for chemical and manufacturing plants projects: Baghouses, farms, power plants, and food-grade facilities.

Vacuum Tankers 

Vacuum tank trucks are the top choice for jobs that require a more robust approach. Tanker vacuums can pump, hold, and transfer various liquids and slurries at significantly higher capacities than industrial vacuum trucks. 

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