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Gear Equipment Inc. brings an internationally proven dry suction excavation technology to Canada and North America

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Construction sites in Canada and North America are prone to delays due to long cold winters. Hydro excavation solves this problem. A unique onboard water heater, heats the water within the excavator to a temperature that enables the excavator to cut through frozen and hard soil.

Built with the same high-quality standards are our equipment, each one of our machines are equipped with a Hydro Proximity Alarm. Hydro Proximity alarms are a safety device that will alert the operator when the equipment is being operated dangerously close in proximity to voltage power lines. Gear Equipment’s hydro proximity alarm is completely wireless. The majority of on-site construction fatalities are caused due to contact between equipment and high voltage power lines. Operators can work in comfort, knowing that our wireless Hydro Proximity Alarm will warn operators if they are getting awfully close to power lines that could cause major bodily harm.